Advantages for the snail breeder

A fundamental benefit breeders can take advantage of by using MullerOne is the dual income opportunity offered by the collection of the slime: the sale of the slime, plus the sale of the mollusc itself. The business potential can be seen by making a simple calculation: the process allows for three cycles, each of which envisages one extraction in the morning and another in the afternoon, with a 10-day “recovery” period in their enclosures between cycles.
The machine is easy to use and maintain. The extraction must take place in designated rooms for the procedure and must follow the indications that enable the correct use. It is guaranteed delivery, installation and the technical-operational assistance to begin production and for any possible problems. The company that collaborates with the international Snail Breeding Institute of Cherasco withdraws the product extracted:
• or a breeder following a breeding at complete natural cycle of Helix Aspersa snail with reproducers certified “SNAIL METHOD CHERASCO”;
• or the breeders who have purchased and installed in their own company the entire production process MullerOne, (slime from breeding snails);
• snails subjected to extraction must be managed in full environmental and food harmony required by the production protocol;
• timing, machine parameters and stimulating solution for the extraction, must be those indicated by the Institute;
• the extraction of the snail slime through the use of MullerOne machine must respect a strict procedure, aimed to obtain a selected product according to its characteristics of purity, ie abatement of all contaminating agents.