Our slime Helix

The production, and above-all marketing of snail slime must respect the limits and constraints provided for by relevant standards.

In its DGISAN circular dated 23.06.2016, the Italian Ministry of Health defined the sanitary requirements for the placing onto the market of “snail slime” intended for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Slime has been considered a by-product of animal origin, and must therefore come from gastropod mollusc farms registered with the local Veterinary Service and entered into a National Data Bank.

Our snail slime is the result of working closely with the International Snail Breeding Institute and the National Association of Snail Breeders. As guarantors and watchdog bodies, they chose our company as their sole interlocutor for the development of the project for the use of snail slime for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes, establishing a very strict protocol for the obtaining of a quality product.

Our philosophy, in fact, is inspired by the strong belief that a good beauty product and an effective medical device can only be obtained using the finest raw material.

Our snail slime is subjected to chemical and microbiological analysis for the taking of 25 parameters which have to comply with the values that qualify it as pure.


- Allantoin

- Collagen

- Glycolic acid

- Lactic acid (2 isomers)

- Anti-proteases

- Ascorbic acid

- Iron

- Magnesium

- Manganese

- pH

- Dry residue

- Sensory parameters (colour, appearance, smell)

- Sodium benzoate

- Potassium sorbate

- Citric acid




- Cbt

- Yeasts and moulds

- Pseudomonas sp.

- Escherichia Coli

- Total coliforms

- Staphylococcus coag. +


Snail slime develops its properties effectively when the extraction process is consistent with contamination protection procedures.

A “closed” process, in fact, allows for a drastic reduction in bacterial counts and the maintenance of the pH value below the threshold of 3% for effective preservability.

The video images that can be found on the internet, and descriptions of the extraction methods used by those offering snail slime-based products testify to systematic breaches in the basic criteria protecting the quality of the mucus, and - paradoxically - show how the end product (whether cosmetic or medical) can be rendered not only ineffective, but even potentially harmful for hypersensitive subjects.

The many years that our company has spent creating a method which could extract guaranteed, pure and effective mucus while safeguarding the animal (cruelty free) has borne fruit with the construction of the MullerOne machine.

The only machine approved by the International Snail Breeding Institute and by the National Association of Snail Breeders, MullerOne guarantees the animal’s wellbeing, the quality of its slime, and a structured process which is fully compliant with national and community standards.